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 Family Concert 
 Date:6/2/2005 - 6/2/2005 
 Location:Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School
Foothill Rd and Merriwood Dr
Bridgewater, NJ
 Contact: 908-722-8124 
 Sponsored by the Hamilton Primary School PTO 
 RiverSing on the Blackstone 
 Date:6/18/2005 - 6/18/2005 
 Time:Noon to Dusk 
 Location:Slater Mill Historic Site
Pawtucket, RI
 Contact: 617.680.0535 
 On seven stages set up on both sides of the River we will feature choral groups, drum groups, steel bands, jug bands, rock bands, folk groups, ethnic music and dance, workshops, street performers, puppets, parades, mimes, foods arts & crafts and much more. In the evening the audience and performers will gather on both sides of the Blackstone and will join Bill Staines, Bill Harley, Riccardo Pitts-Wiley and others in a grand sing-a-long back and forth across the river…together with a light show on Slater Dam. Join more than fifty musical groups in bridging diversity through music…and in Bill Staines own words in his song Bridges: “Let us build a bridge of music and cross it with a song. Let us span another canyon and right another wrong.”  
 Teller in Residence 
 Date:6/21/2005 - 6/25/2005 
 Location:International Storytelling Center
116 W. Main St
Jonesborough, TN
 Contact: 800-952-8392 
 The International Storytelling Center provides a summer long program, called Teller in Residence. Each week from the end of May to the end of October, they present storytellers from all over. Bill is pleased to be one of these tellers. For more information about Bill's show, the Teller in Residence Program or about the International Storytelling Center (who also host the National Storytelling Festival) please visit their website: 
 Family Concert 
 Date:6/29/2005 - 6/29/2005 
 Time:4 & 5:30pm 
 Location:Nantucket Antheneum
Nantucket, MA
 Contact: 508-228-1110 xt103 
 These concerts kick off the Summer Reading Program - "Going Places at Your Library"
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