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Sunday, February 08, 2004


 Family Concert 
 Date:2/8/2004 - 2/8/2004 
 Location:Scituate High School
Scituate, RI
 Contact: 401-647-0067 
 Tickets are $20 (premium seats) and $15, with family (parents and their minor children) tickets $50, and are available at Brigadoís IGA, IGA Plaza in Scituate, The Greenery, 132 Danielson Pike, Scituate RI; Hope Library, Route 116, Hope RI; Peaceable Kingdom, 116 Ives Street, Providence, RI and both Hillside Avenue Family and Community Medicine locations ( 407 East Avenue, Pawtucket and 348 Gleaner Chapel Road, North Scituate RI)

A great way to break up a long and lonely winter, The First Annual Scituate Health Plan Cabin Fever Concert starring Bill Harley, Big Nazo, and Keith Muslow will put the light back in your kidís eyes. All kids. 5 months. 5, 15, or 50. Here comes the sun!

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