Downloading songs and stories from

If you've never downloaded from, you might want to test how to do it by downloading a free track such as "Wash Your Hands" to see how it works.

For all free tracks, you'll be asked for you name, address, phone number and email address. You will not be asked for your credit card number.

When you get to the receipt page, there will be a link to the download. Click it and your mp3 should begin to download immediately.

Common Problems:

What if it downloads but you can't find it?

  • Do you know where downloads are saved on your computer?
  • Search your computer for the title of the download. (for "Wash Your Hands" try "wash")
  • Check your browser's downloads or download manager (Check under "Tools" or "Window")

You closed the receipt page without downloading

  • Check your browser's history – all of our receipt pages will have a web address beginning with ""

You downloaded it, played it and now your computer's music player (ex, iTunes) can't find it.

  • Did you move the mp3 file?
  • When was the last time you updated your music player?
  • Check your music player's help menu. There are a lot of music/media players out there and a lot of different computers with different operating systems. There is no way we know how all of them work. We made the files mp3 because it should work on the most players and systems.
  • Look online. When you write us with a problem (telling us the type of media player you're using and your operating system), we'll use our favorite search engine to see if there's an easy answer.

You have downloaded single tracks from us before but are having problems with a full album download or a really long story.

  • Because the albums are BIG files, we have compressed them into "zip" files. If for some reason you don't have a program that unzips, try Stuffit Expander: The Expander is FREE, but there are several Stuffit products that are not, so be sure to download Stuffit Expander.

For Mac:

For Windows:

You purchased a song but it won't download to your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, etc.

  • At present, you can't buy directly from us using your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, etc. You will have to use your computer to purchase from us and upload to your device.

If none of the above apply, you can always email the office ( and we'll do our best to get the download to you.