Since I performed Stickeen at the National Storytelling Festival, we have gotten many calls and e- mails about the story - many have asked for more information. I'm glad that the story touched you, as it does me. There are many editions of Muir's writing. The one I have used the most is the Library of America edition of Muir's work, called Nature Writings. It includes a lot of material, including Stickeen (in some places "Stickeen"), his autobiography of his youth, which is pretty amazing, and My First Summer in the Sierras, which is one of my favorite books of all time. You may find these and other writings in separate editions, and I understand that Modern Library has a paperback anthology, which may be handier for you if you like to read books out on the trail. Frederick Turner's biography on Muir is the best one I've read. And for another perspective on Muir, Rev. S. H. Young (Stickeen's owner) wrote a book Alaska Days with John Muir on his travels with Muir, including his recounting of Stickeen and other hare-brained adventures by our hero.

Hope to see you down the road. I have limited touring availability for the coming year (two years!), but if you have a place that you think Stickeen might work and would reach a good audience, let us know.