Hello friends,

Back at home after going everywhere from Virginia to California and seven or eight states in between. While I'm tired of the hotel rooms, I'm not tired of your smiling faces - thanks to everyone who's come to see me in the past couple of months.

I've just moved back into my renovated office. I've been in the same little building behind our house for twenty years without doing anything to it. It was pretty scary in there - accumulated papers, posters, books, CDs, instruments, and recording and performing equipment. Finally, at Debbie's insistence, we cleared it all out (no small feat, let me tell you), put in a new floor, repainted, got some new office furniture (no more cinder blocks - my hippie period is finally over). I'm trying to keep it uncluttered. I mean, I'm really trying this time. It's been two days and it's still pretty neat.

Wash Your Hands
Reaction to my single "Wash Your Hands" has been great - we know it's being listened to and sung in homes and classrooms all over the country, and in Canada and farther afield. It's still there for free download at my web store.

Latest in books
I just finished reading The Great Influenza by John Barry, about the 1918 influenza pandemic. Okay - weird reading considering what's happening, but really an unbelievable story, and one well worth giving some attention. It's interesting to me that this kind of history is so unknown to most of us, and so important. I've also read a couple more Kurt Wallender mysteries by Henning Mankel. A great writer - I stayed up too late many a night this past month. I'm currently working my way through two books about our planet: Terra by Michael Novacek, and The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. I'll be writing more about both of those in my blog. And by the way, that's where I'm talking about what I'm thinking about lately, if you're interested. Otherwise, stay away from the computer.

This January Debbie and I will be going to Alaska for about 10 days of work in Juneau, Haines, Valdez and Anchorage....we are both pretty excited and will be sure to share some photos (northern lights?!) from the road. Other trips will include WA, AR, AL, MI and NY - check my calendar - if I'm close to you please come!


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