Hello friends,


Welcome to the June newsletter. Summer is here - we passed right through spring and it's immediately really hot - and I live in New England.

I'm already experiencing something about summer that must come with age. I look at summer and want to do all the things I do every summer, then look at my calendar and realize I can't do them all and start freaking out. But what I'm really doing is creating an ideal summer in my head that has been drawn from the million summers (okay, fifty something) I've already experienced, creating THE BEST SUMMER EVER in my head. Which would have to be 800 days long if I did everything I think I ought to be able to do.

Humans. Imagining more than is possible, and then getting upset about it. But a guy can dream can't he?

Because really, in summer, you should make sure you do nothing sometimes.


Anyway, we do have a lot of good things planned, including some work on recordings and books, some local performances for park and rec departments, and trips out west to Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. In June I'll be going to a workshop run by Donald Davis, along with my great pal Kevin Kling. Who knows what will come out of that? Nothing legitimate.

Please come see me if I'm near you! I completely depend on word of mouth and all of you who found some recording of mine somewhere somehow.

Happy Pappy Day

Don't forget: Father's Day is June 19th. Be creative, think outside the box for your favorite Dad! Above was Dylan's gift a few years ago...to read the story click here!

A Free Download A

Okay, fools that we are, we keep giving stuff way. And then, see, you love it so much you buy something. That's how we eat. A very sneaky plan - when it works.

This month, in honor of National Accordion Awareness Month (who knew?) we're offering "I Don't Wanna Wait" from my recording Big Big World (also on the compilation One More Time). I wrote the song after listening to a lot of Cajun music - it's a two step and I was lucky enough to get Steve Riley, one of the most accomplished Cajun accordion players on the planet, to play on it, along with some other members of his group the Mamou Playboys. It's really one of my favorite songs.

  Best Book Lately  

I just finished Larry Tye's wonderful biography of Leroy "Satchel" Paige, Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend. I've always loved the stories about Paige, but the mind boggles at how long and how well he pitched. And what a character he was. No one will ever know how many games he won - the book is a good look at the world black athletes lived in for much of the twentieth century, and how they persevered.

Email the office (Michele@billharley.com) and let me know the best book you've read lately. Always love to hear from you.


I mentioned before I'm working on a setting of Jack and the Beanstalk for orchestra, and have been listening to a lot of traditional Appalachian music. I've gone back to the ballad singing of Jean Richie and the recordings of the New Lost City Ramblers, along with folks like Roscoe Holcomb and Uncle Dave Macon. One recording I've particularly enjoyed is an album the great Tim O'Brien did with Dirk Powell and John Herrmann called "Songs from the Mountain". If you like traditional American music, this is a great album.

More stuff coming. Thanks for reading. And listening. And everything else.

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