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Play It Again

Parents Choice Gold Award
Digital Download Card$10.00

One of our most popular albums. A "best of" with favorite songs from Bill's earliest recordings and the new classic story about Charlene - the Skunk in the middle!

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Big Big World Read$1.00 
Wacka Wacka Woo Read$1.00 
Cool in School Read$1.00 
Monsters in the Bathroom Read$1.00 
Sitting Down to Eat Read$1.00 
Dad Threw the TV Out the Window Read$1.00 
There Goes My Brother Again Read$1.00 
So Long My Mom Read$1.00 
Black Socks Read$1.00 
50 Ways to Fool Your Mother Read$1.00 
Is Not Is Too Read$1.00 
You're in Trouble Read$1.00 
You're Not the Boss of Me 
Moon and Me Read$1.00 
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Reviews & Memorable Quotes

"His witty, wise kids' songs, which can be falling-down funny or catch-in-the-throat touching, are the work of a master wordsmith." Billboard Magazine

"All my kids, nieces, and Nephews favorite songs are 'Dad threw the TV out the window' and the rap song about pulling mom's legs, not wanting to go to school and then the kid finds out it is Saturday. We played/sang it at a family reunion to expose the parents to great, humorous music. They said their kids play it non-stop to the point where they bought them earphones and their own CD players to listen to them! HA HA. Heard Bill at Timpanogos storytelling festival in Orem Utah a few years ago, and was hooked. Being a kid in trouble at school a lot, like Bill I can relate to his stories. He and Judith Black are my kids two favorite ones to listen to over and over again in the car on LONG trips across the Nevada desert from Utah to California where we go every summer to see family and spend time at my mom's beach house each year. Thanks for making the trip SANE, by arming me with good CD's!!!" Adriana


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