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Wash Your Hands (Digital Download)

Click here to download free "Wash Your Hands" flyers and posters!

Bill wrote the song to remind kids that hand washing will help to prevent the spread of the flu. The four important things to remember are:
1) Get vaccinated
2) Cover your cough
3) Wash your hands
4) Stay home when you're sick


Check out this great reproducible activity packet about handwashing from!

Watch the video on YouTube.

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Wash Your Hands (Short Version) 

Reviews & Memorable Quotes

"What parent isn't sick and tired of hearing the phrase 'H1N1' at every turn? Just imagine how your kids feel about constant reminders at home and school to 'Wash your hands!' Well, now you can just push play on the CD player and let singer, songwriter, and storyteller extraordinaire Bill Harley do the reminding this time. In his latest single, WASH YOUR HANDS, Harley works his usual stroke of story-singing genius to help kids fight the bug this flu season and all year-round." Common Sense Media


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