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 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival 
 Date:8/30/2012 - 9/1/2012 
 Location:Different locations
Orem, UT
 Contact: 801-229-7436 
 Tons of great tellers! Visit their website to see the full schedule! 
 Fundraiser for Kim Trusty 
 Date:9/9/2012 - 9/9/2012 
 Price:$30 single; $50 per couple; $15 kids under 12 
 Location:The Roots Cultural Center
276 Westminster St
Providence, RI
 Workshop for Teachers 
 Date:9/28/2012 - 9/28/2012 
 Price:Free, but reservation required 
 Location:Colgate Bookstore
3 Utica St
Hamilton, NY
 Contact: 315.825.3537 
 "The Teaching Power of Story": Harley's workshops focus on two aspects of his work - storytelling and writing. He gives teachers simple hands-on experience in telling stories to use as a teaching tool and to help their students develop their own storytelling skills. A serious student of story, he offers teachers a better understanding of how and why story works and how to encourage students to explore the wonderful world that story offers. Perhaps most important, Harley's workshop for teachers honors the best of what they do and leaves them energized to keep doing their jobs.

Space is limited and registration is required. To reserve a free spot for this one-hour workshop, contact the Partnership for Community Development at 315.825.3537 or before Friday, Sept. 14.

 The Great Chocolate Train Wreck Festival 
 Date:9/29/2012 - 9/29/2012 
 Location:Hamilton Village Green
on Rte 12B
Hamilton, NY
 Other performers include Dove Creek, Pamme Swan, Bill Staines and Tracy Grammer. And there will be free chocolate! Don't miss this event!