As a keynote presenter, Bill’s blend of story and song and his insight into the human condition, are sure to be a highlight of your conference. Coupled with his versatile abilities as a workshop presenter, he’s a successful addition to any program. Bill has presented at dozens of educational, library and storytelling conferences and worked with a variety of religious organizations. Bill will tailor his keynote to your organization. His current talks include The Power of Story – How we make stories and how they make us, The Culture of Learning – How story, song, food and talk influence the learning environment, and It’s Messy in Here – the creative process.  



"It was joyous to watch Bill transform a room full of pretty tranquil teachers, at 7:30 on a Saturday morning no less, from a few smiles to uproarious laughter and to bittersweet tears, depending on which story or song he was performing. He moved the room from inertia to clapping and cheering within forty-five minutes."

Barbara Wahlberg, New England Association of Teachers of English.

"In the hustle and bustle of each day, I think we pediatricians lose focus of what is most important about our jobs. It is our calling to raise better children in a better world and for a better world that gets us going each day. Your presentation reminded us of that. Thank you for sharing your talents of music, and your gifts of storytelling. Your time with us made a profound and lasting impression on each and every one of us."

Elizabeth B. Lange, MD, FAAP President, RI chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics


The Teaching Power of Stories
Regardless of the subject taught, story is central to how people make sense of the world and build a community with others. In this workshop, participants look at how stories work in people’s lives, what stories define their own lives, and how to use story in an educational setting. Teachers will leave with new ideas for using story in the classroom and a deeper understanding of their work as teachers.


A Love of Story

This workshop focuses on the connections between two aspects of Bill’s work: storytelling and writing. Students who can tell a story are often the ones with stronger reading and writing skills. Bill will offer his insights on the connection between oral fluency and literacy giving teachers a better understanding of how and why storytelling is an essential teaching tool. With a simple hands-on experience in telling stories, this session will be fun, educational and inspirational.

  To see Bill in action watch his TEDx talk "Stories Out Loud"  
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