The places where you can download music is ever expanding, so here is an updated list of places that we can verify who carry Bill Harley recordings. Please note that we have not used all of these sites. We have just verified that they do have Bill's recordings for sale and have sold them in the past.

If there is a digital download site that you use who doesn't carry Bill's stuff, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

You can download my demo here.

itunes: visit to download the player
Audible: Audible carries all of Bill's spoken word recordings and provide these to itunes
Rhapsody: digital music service with a monthly membership fee
Amazon: in addition to buying hard copies of Bill's CDs you can also download them
Emusic: a vast selection of independent music and audio books
CDBaby: you can download or order Bill's CDs

Or you can listen online at:

Please email us and let us know your favorite.