Hi friends-

It's that time of year.  The time of year when EVERYONE GOES CRAZY.

But have no fear. There are different forms of craziness, and we are here to help you go crazy in a particular way (the good kind) with my new recording with pal Keith Munslow "It's Not Fair to Me".
It's Not Fair to Me by Bill Harley & Keith Munslow

Even though it is not officially released until February, since you're on my list, you can get it for the month of December through my website.

Recorded in Keith's living room (or his den, I guess, inexplicably painted orange...) Keith and I play everything on the album (except one guest spot by our friend Marty Ballou). Guitars of all sorts, basses, ukuleles,  ukulele basses (not kidding) keyboards, drums, tambourines. I even made cat sounds. We like the songs. (ten songs - more than one for every day of the week) We liked making it (we're still speaking to each other). You'll  like hearing it. Songs about hairy eyeballs ("Stinkeye"), injustice ("It's Not Fair to Me"), whining ("Everybody's a Baby 'Bout Something") and mistakes ("My Eraser") guaranteed to please. Honest. Keith will refund your money if you don't like it.

And like I said. It's that time of year.  So do your family a favor. And us, too.

Books we're reading

I'd like you to know I read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell before I saw the movie. Liked it a lot. And this is not a recommendation but, since I spent so much time reading it, I will confess I read the first book in the Game of Thrones series, only to find out after a million pages that there was no resolution. Give me back my hours spent! Having recovered, I'm currently enjoying Walter Isaacson's biography of Einstein.  I also have the new edition of the collected poems of Wendell Berry, which I love.

Enough. You have things to do. So do I.

We here at the intergalactic headquarters of Round River Productions hope you have a good season. Walk away from the computer and walk outside. Take a breath. Listen a little more. It's what I'm going to do right now.

Much love,

From the Office

Holiday Downloads

To help get you in the holiday mood, why not download a copy of Bill's song "Get Me Out of Here" about a certain man in red getting stuck in the chimney or "Grimsley's Christmas Surprise" a holiday story about socks, underwear, thank you notes and a very unusual Santa. Check them out in our online store!

Books on Sale!

Stock up on Bill Harley books for the holiday season. Get a dollar off Lost and Found, Between Home and School, Night of the Spadefoot Toads and more! Visit our books page to see all the deals.
And all books will be autographed by Bill. If you'd like a special dedication, please email the request to Michele@billharley.com with your order number right after you place your order. (Please note that we try to get autographed books out as quickly as possible, but sometimes Bill is on the road so there may be a short delay.)

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