Happy whatever!

One of 500 Rakan Statues
One of five hundred Rakan Statues - lining the steps of Daisho-in temple (each face has a different expression)


I hope you’re well. I hope your storm windows are up, and your winter coat is back from the cleaners. I hope you stay at home some instead of going to that one extra party. I hope you find a good new book. I hope you don’t discover a leak in your boots when you step in a slushy puddle. I hope you can just sit and listen to some music without feeling like you’re supposed to be somewhere else. I hope all the e-mails in your inbox mysteriously disappear. I hope you check the news tomorrow morning and discover people started listening to each other. I hope someone gives you a great pair of warm socks. I hope your shoelaces don’t break. I hope you find your sunglasses. I hope you don’t cross your skis. I hope you sing a little more. I hope you sleep through the night. I hope the ten pounds go away and don’t come back. I hope your pillow fits your head. I hope you have the same hat all winter. I hope your best friend shares the chocolate with you. Or you with them. That and all other things good.


view from hotel in Toyohashi
view from our hotel in Toyohashi


Debbie and I got back the day before Thanksgiving after a month in Japan. While there, we met with language teachers up and down the country, from Tokyo to Kagoshima. People were unbelievably kind and generous and we felt like we got to really know something about that country a place that is very much entwined with our own. At a certain point, I’ll share some thoughts about the trip on my blog. The trip culminated with a presentation I gave at the JALT annual language conference it was really gratifying to feel that I gave people there some tools and things to think about. I would like to get back again someday. Thanks to all of you there.

Bill and Deb at the great Torii of Miyajima

Bill in the Tokyo subway
at the great Torii of Miyajima in the Tokyo subway

Slide show of pictures and videos from Japan coming soon!!!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Charlie Bumpers

Charlie Bumpers vs the Squeaking Skull

The latest book in my Charlie Bumpers series, Charlie Bumpers vs. the Squeaking Skull came out this fall, got great reviews, and picked up by the Junior Library Guild. We’re hearing from kids, librarians and parents from all over, and it seems like Charlie is going to have a long life. I’m finishing the final edits on the fourth book (hear me trying to catch my breath?), tentatively titled “Charlie Bumpers vs the Perfect Little Turkey”, which features an hilarious and unforgettable Thanksgiving meal water rockets, whipped cream, brussel sprouts, and superheroes are all part of the mix, along with a very annoying cousin. It will be out next fall.

The audio versions (featuring the author as narrator) are out of all three books, too, and have gotten great reviews. Happy with all that.

Bill and Keith’s Dollar Store

Bill, Keith, Hideous SweatersOver the past year, I’ve been working with my partner in crime, Keith Munslow on a series of radio skits that are now being played on Sirius/XM’s Kids Place Live a new one each week. They feature us trying to run a dollar store and not having any idea how to do it. We’ll eventually bundle them all together and make them available right now, they’re just on the radio. I don’t know if they’re good, I just know we end up in stitches every time we get together to work on them. We think we’re funny, and hope you do, too.

“Home Stories From Where We Live”

At the National Storytelling Festival I performed my new storytelling show “Home” about our relationship with the planet. Really, it’s about me sitting on my back step and trying to decide what to do with an infestation of bugs. But it gets bigger from there. I’m pretty excited about it, and in the coming year, I’ll be looking to do a couple short runs of it in small venues. If you’re interested, contact us at info@billharley.com and we can talk.             


I’m currently completely entranced with the first volume of My Struggle the memoir/novel/something by Karl Ove Knausgaard. It’s kind of like Spalding Gray on steroids. While in Japan, I read a couple of Kawabata’s novels Snow Country and The Sound of the Mountain. I also enjoyed A Death in Summer by Benjamin Black (or John Banville, his real name). Wow that’s all pretty chipper stuff there. Id I also really enjoyed Junot Diazs This is How You Lose Her. As always, let me know what you're reading. I'm keeping a list on the "Fans Recommend" book page.

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