Hello out there,

Thanksgiving has come and gone. And here we are, headed towards the darker days, knowing the world tilts one way, then back the other. All of us leaning one way or the other. Let’s lean together.

I hope you had a good holiday. Part of our feast included yeast rolls that Debbie made from my grandmother's recipe - I did not eat fourteen of them.

Yeast Rolls - Yum!

Both our sons were home (from being in Berlin for six weeks) and my traveling is ALMOST done for the year with a trip to DC and Virginia this week. It’s been a wonderful fall with a bit too much traveling. Our yard is dug up, with plans on putting up a new barn/garage replete with solar panels and place for house concerts and workshops. And maybe our cars.

Charlie Bumpers 4 & 5

Charlie Bumpers vs the Perfect Little TurkeyCharlie Bumpers vs. ? The latest Charlie Bumpers (Charlie Bumpers vs the Perfect Little Turkey) came out in September, and has gotten a really nice reception and reviews. That’s #4, and I’m doing the edit on the fifth, coming out next fall. I wish I could tell you the title, but the title gets passed around among a dozen people before it gets settled on, and I just adjust. It’s about Charlie’s horrific soccer team. That much I know!

Songs We Sing

I’m putting the final touches on a recording I’ve been working on for almost five years! (I have no idea how this happened), called Songs We Sing folksongs from around this big old country. It SHOULD be out in March, but I’ve learned not to promise for sure. It’s a great recording, and I don’t always say that about my stuff, since I live in ambivalence. But this one...yeah.

Kids and gun violence

I’ve been working for the past couple of years with a small group of children’s artists on an organization speaking out for gun sanity. The continuing litany of events the lives lost, the damage done to families, the continuing proliferation of guns in our country, has caused me great sadness, and made me resolute about adding my voice to the millions who want changes in our culture. The organization Artists for Safe Kids, will be up and running soon, and you’ll hear about it from me. If you’re interested in adding your voice or support, let us know.

The Dog Ate My Homework

Or at least my published book. Harpo decided that a paperback copy of Charlie Bumpers vs. the Teacher of the Year was the perfect after dinner dessert. On the plus side, I had spilled coffee on it earlier in the day, so it was in the "damaged" pile.

What book? I don't see it.


I’m doing some research for two writing projects one, a play about Frederick Law Olmsted, John Muir and Black Elk, and the other a book for parents about storytelling. I have found myself reading a lot about those three men, environmental history and thought, story structure, brain science, family dynamics and child development. In the meantime, I’ve also been living with the haiku master Basho’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North and other travel journals. Also, to escape, I absolutely love Dennis Lehane’s book The Given Day. It’s Boston 1919 strikes, molasses floods, the Red “scare” and immigration fears, Tulsa’s forgotten history, and Babe Ruth going to the Yankees. It’s a beautifully written page turner filled with great historical detail. An incredible book. Right now, my reading list, like the projects I have going, is indicative of a very scattered, but interested, mind.


I have what you're looking for

If you’re in a gift-giving mode, I’d like to remind you that I have something for everyone in your family. Stories and music for the very young and the very old and the very in-between. On a good day, even the fifteen year old will like what we’ve got here. Clothing, too! (See our gift recommendations below)

As always, I’m happy to sign books and cd’s to those on your list. The elves are working overtime here at Round River, and so am I.

Whatever you celebrate, I'm sending my best to you and yours, 


From the Office

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Grimsley's Christmas Surprise (story)

Get Me Out of Here (song)

Hold Your Candle (song)

Yeast Rolls (story - it's actually set at Thanksgiving, but it works for any big family gathering with tons of food)

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