June 2013

I’m not sure what time it is, but I know I’m home again. Debbie and I have returned from our month long trip to New Zealand, and we’ll be processing images and memories for a long time to come.



We flew first to Invercargill (four flights, about 26 hours) the southernmost part of the south island where I performed at an arts festival and in some local schools with Geraldine Buckley, another teller from the States, hosted by the very unique and wonderful Liz Miller (and her two dogs, who accompanied us everywhere). Like I said in a Facebook post, a school show in New Zealand is like a school show in the States – and we had a blast.


We were lucky enough to get a tour of the beautiful Bluff marae (Maori community house), and heard a number of stories from our host. I was very much struck by how the Maori have names and stories for all the places on the islands – their sense of being is rooted in their place. With the commitment on the government’s part to honor the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi made with the Maori, you can begin to understand how that sense of place has influenced the entire culture. Kiwis are very much made by the land the live in – a lesson we all could learn.

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After my work, Debbie and I drove around the South Island (me driving, Debbie holding any handles available while I tried to stay on the right, and I mean left, side of the road). Most spectacular were Milford and Doubtful Sounds, huge fiords with waterfalls cascading off 1000-foot cliffs.

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We rode bikes thirty miles across high desert and through gorges on the Central Otago Bike trail and ended up, completely by accident at a Bush Poetry Festival (cowboy poets of the antipodes) in a funky pub. I was waiting for a chance to recite “Dirty Joe”, but the night went on and on and my head finally hit the table, so we headed to our room.

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We traveled along the east coast through Timaru (that beautiful word is in a song almost done), up through Christchurch where our hearts broke walking through the earthquake-leveled downtown of that beautiful city, then up to the Marlborough district where we rode bikes through the vineyards. (Yes, we stopped).

Rebuilding the Cathedral in Christchurch

Sheeps eating grapes

at the end of the harvesting season the sheep cut the grass in the vineyards of Marlborough


We finished up with four days in Wellington, the capital, where Judith Jones, a Kiwi storyteller, hosted a dinner for us with a bunch of other artists and friends, including our Providence pal M.J. Kaplan, there on a Fulbright scholarship. Judith’s husband Tony works at Te Papa, the incredible national museum, and he gave us a private tour.


In one of my stories about growing up, I talk about traveling and say, "I finally started asking the question that all travelers ask. I stopped asking 'Who are they?' and I started asking 'Who am I?'" Traveling and being open to the world around you does that to you. Our identities are always up for grab – the world we see affects who we are and makes us different. My thanks to the many kindnesses shown us by everyone we met in New Zealand.


And finally, I should mention I got home in time for a whirlwind trip to NYC to promote "Charlie Bumpers vs. Teacher of the Year" – I gave a 3 minute book talk 19 times in one hour. On jet lag. Then, we headed back home for the First Annual Red Bandana Concert to establish an award that honors my dear departed friend Richard Walton.

Now, I’m doing nothing for an hour or two. Or three. More soon.

Be kind.

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