Hello friends

I hope the spring finds you well. The daffodils are up in our yard and look great. In the evening, I stand on my porch and hear the spring peepers across the street and down the hill. Today, I rode my bike over to a local little vernal pool where the spadefoots will breed in a week or two- I hope to be out there in my rain boots checking them out!

Coming Soon - Music Videos
  This summer we're hoping to produce videos of two of my songs, Monsters in the Bathroom and There's A Pea on My Plate and we'd like to include some of YOUR artwork and photos in the videos. A special announcement will come shortly about this so keep your eyes open.... We plan to offer free downloads of the songs through our website, myspace and facebook pages and hope that you will have great fun with this project.  
A Story Workshop for Teachers A

August 9 to 13 this summer I will be offering a workshop, The Teaching Power of Stories at Pendle Hill, the Quaker retreat center in Philadelphia. I'm looking forward to spending time with a small group of people in a wonderful setting, looking at how stories affect our lives and how they are used in a teaching setting. Regardless of where you work - primary, middle or high school, college, continuing ed or more informal/non-traditional settings, if you view your work as teaching, this will be a time to consider how to use story in your life and work. Good for the mind and spirit. You can check out the details at http://www.pendlehill.org/programs/summer_2009_course_workshop_retreat _descriptions.php#53

  Song, Story and Culture  - a blog  
  I hope I'm not getting into trouble, but I've just started a new blog: Song, Story and Culture which I hope, plan, and pray to post to weekly. While I will write about anything that tickles my fancy, I hope to focus especially on the culture of schools. My long range plan is to write a book on school culture, and the blog is where I'll offer initial thoughts and insights. Your comments are encouraged and I would love it if you would share this with others. I look forward to the conversations that come of it.
Go to http://billharley.wordpress.com/

On the children's literature front, I really enjoyed Lois Lowry's latest, The Willoughbys, which manages to include all the things you find in great children's literature - orphans, nannies, mystery, old bachelors, strange coincidences, and a really miserable pair of adults that happen to be parents. What can't Lois Lowry do?
Like others, I read and was deeply moved by Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea - a reminder about perseverance and the power of one person. Another autobiography, Once Upon a Country by Sari Nusseibeh, gave me much to reflect on - Nusseibeh is the President of the Palestinian Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, and has been a witness, and sometime participant, in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, looking for a way to address the issues with non-violence. Voices like his are often lost in the noise, and worth listening to.

  Ask the Planet  

I'm proud to be on an album for families called Ask the Planet, a benefit for the Biomimicry Institute. The album features a great bunch of songs about the environment written by Amy Martin, and includes performances by Bruce Cockburn, Ani Defranco, Dar Williams, and yours truly. Needless to say, my performance is the wackiest. You can check at http://www.asktheplanetcd.org/index.html


Please check my calendar for details as we're always adding new shows but upcoming travel includes Montana, Tennessee, North Carolina and upstate New York. We are currently working on booking the 2009-2010 season - so - if you are interested in having me come to your community - school, festival, conference - please contact Mike Green and Associates by email (mikeg@mikegreenassociates.com) or phone (734-769-7254)   

From the Office
  Mailing List  

We are making a big effort to grow our mailing list and would love your help. If you send us 5 or more friends who you think should know about Bill's work (teachers, parents, families - you know who we mean...) we'll send you a pair of Bill's very cool and colorful Yes to Running Shoelaces - ready for summer fun in your sneakers. Just email us their name, state and email address - we'll take it from there. Of course, we'll also need your snail mail address so we can send you the shoelaces!

  Cool Pirate Contest  

Want to win a free copy of Bill's book - Dirty Joe the Pirate: A True Story?? Check out this hilarious contest offered by Thingamababy.com! Deadline for entries is May 15th.

  Spring Cleaning Sale!  
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  Bill Harley Radio  
We've updated Bill Harley's online radio, provided by BlogAmp. Listen to some of your favorites and who knows, you may come across a Bill Harley song you haven't heard in a while or one you don't know.