Dear Friends,

It's that time of year when we look towards warming days and appreciate a new blanket of snow at the same time but wish it would just go away. Those of us up North envy those who live a little farther south. Except maybe if you live in Washington DC, which has looked lately more like Vermont than Chesapeake Bay.




I donÕt usually travel in Winter, but this oneÕs different. Many of you know I spent two weeks with Debbie in Alaska, visiting Juneau, Haines, Valdez, and Anchorage. It was a great trip Š good people, good shows, and a dog sled ride thrown in to boot. You can check out more pictures here. I'm in the middle of a long trip now Washington State, Alabama, Arkansas and Florida - check out the awesome photo below from my greeting in Colville, WA....ARGH Matey! I hope you will join me if you are close by. Check the details on my calendar.

A Facebook woes A

Many of you may have been friends on my Facebook page. I was, for reasons IÕm not clear about (since they wonÕt say), "disabled" and have lost all of you. The whole thing is a little Big Brother like, but I overstepped some boundaries they didnÕt like (or someone didnÕt like) and have had to start all over. For those of you havenÕt heard from me and wondered what happened, it wasnÕt you, it was me. IÕm building a friends list slowly, but would ask that you sign up on my fan page to learn about my upcoming shows, hear current news and stay in touch. And, if you know of others who would enjoy my work, send them to the fan page!

  Help on a new recording  

IÕm working on a couple of recording projects for the summer Š one of stories and one of music. For the music project, IÕm planning an album of folk songs for families called "Songs We Sing", and IÕll draw on songs weÕve sung around here for a long time. With both of my sons playing music, IÕm hoping theyÕll sing and play with me (if theyÕre not too expensive). BUT. I would like to hear what songs you think should be included on a recording of folk songs for families. What songs do you like to sing and want to make
sure the young people around you know? Email the office with your suggestions: I'm sure I won't be able to include them all but we can surely list the ones we don't record on the website!

And, a heads up - in mid-June Putumayo Kids will be releasing a new recording called: "Rock & Roll Playground" and - one of my songs - Sleep the Whole Day Through (from "I Wanna Play") will be on it - along with a song by my pal Keith Munslow and a bunch of other great artists. We'll keep you posted when we know more!

  What WeÕre Reading  

I recently finished A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir by Donald Worster Š another great book by one of my favorite people who graced the planet.

IÕm working on a new book now that feels kind of Dickensian to me, so decided to reread David Copperfield. I guess I donÕt have to tell you itÕs a great book, someone else has already said that.

And I really enjoyed If you Lived Here, IÕd Know Your Name: News From Small-Town Alaska by Heather Lende. HeatherÕs account of living in Haines Alaska, where I performed recently, gives a sense of what life there is like Š and while I didnÕt get to meet Heather, she and her husband Chip did lend us their truck to drive around that incredibly beautiful spot (a town, visited in its earliest stages of white folks living there by none other that John Muir). EverythingÕs a circle.

Debbie's books:

I just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein- a GREAT book for all dog lovers. Now, I'm in the middle of The Little Book: A Novel by Selden Edwards which, if you read and enjoyed Time and Again by Jack Finney (one of my favorite reads - NYC, time travel, a great story) this one will also please you! While the setting is not NY, it is Vienna at the turn of the century - the characters are wonderful. And, while I was working on a quilt, I listened to The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo by Stieg Larsson and it's really wonderful. I plan to download the next two in the series as well!

As always, we love to know what you're reading now or even what your favorites are. Let us know by emailing and we'll share it on the website.

  Teacher Workshop at Pendle Hill  
  IÕll be offering a workshop, "The Teaching Power of Stories" for educators again this summer at Pendle Hill Retreat Center in the Philadelphia area. Last year and was a powerful experience for everyone involved including me. It was a wonderfully intimate and diverse group with pre-school teachers, librarians, nurses and college professors in attendance. The dates are July 18 to 22. Information about registering for the workshop will be on the Pendle Hill website in late spring. IÕd love to have you be part of this.  
From the Office
  Cool stuff from Alaska!  

The day we arrived in Juneau we discovered two VERY cool things. Yaktrax – snow and ice grippers!! One of our awesome hosts (a librarian/teacher of course) gave me a pair to ‘slip’ over my shoes so I could walk around town and not worry about slipping on the ice. They are FABULOUS and, if you like to walk and have winter and ice, you really really want a pair of these for your very own! We ordered a pair for Bill as soon as we got home and while we don’t have ice right now, we’re ready!!!  


The other thing I bought in Juneau was an awesome pair of boots made by can see how completely cute they are but the best part is that they are WARM and totally waterproof (and the Yaktrax slip over them easily!)  They have become my favorite footwear for winter snow, ice, can find them on Zappos! Here are some links:
Boots: (mine are the high ones)

  While we were taking photos of the boots Michele looked up and said - "look out!!" and, there on our deck just outside the office door was a very large wild turkey!!!!  We had to share it with you...  
  Digital Downloads  

We are working on making all of Bill's songs and stories available for purchase in mp3 format through our website. Now you'll be able to download any Bill Harley song or story from! We expect to be selling digital downloads in the next few weeks, so watch for our email announcement!


Bill Harley has an app! Or at least he's part of one. Tales2Go is an instant, on-demand application that allows you stream nearly a thousand great kids' audio stories on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Click here to visit their demonstration video or visit their website to learn more.  
Pandora is an online radio program that lets you search for music you like by genre or by artist and they’ve just begun to offer family music. It’s a wonderful way to hear favorite (and new favorite) artists. Here's a link to the Michele created a shared Bill Harley station that will bring you all kinds of great family music: