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Listed below are some resources we've put together for your use. There are ideas, tips, and activies you might find helpful.


Ideas for Writing Stories with Your Class: Bill describes the thought process involved in writing (and motivating others to write) good stories.  

Storytelling Activities: More ideas on getting students' creative juices flowing. 

Tips For Storytellers: Bill describes tips and techniques to make anyone a better storyteller.  

More info for Storytellers: Bill talks about the craft of storytelling and how to evaluate a storytelling performance.

Bibliography: Bill's list of favorite writing resources. Also be sure to go to our "Links" page

Web Pages:

Between Home and School: Information to continute the discussion.

Night of the Spadefoot Toads: We've developed a webpage with links to a few places where you can learn more about Spadefoot Toads (did you know there were seven different types in the US?) as well as websites about vernal pools, books that Bill highly recommends and we're asking for feedback, so we'll share any project your class did after you read Night of the Spadefoot Toads.

Activities: We've put together some activities that you can use in a classroom or with a group. They range from storytelling/writing to reseach to word puzzles to science experiments and more. All with a Bill Harley theme.

The Association fo Teaching Artists (ATA) have a great website: www.teachingartists.com


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