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The votes are in and the winner is...

"It's not fair to me" from the Cordeiro Family.

Congratulations to them and to all the finalists and to everyone who sent in a song title. They were all great. (Seriously.)

Thanks again to everyone who participated. This worked out way better than we thought it would. (Way better. You guys were amazing!)

The next step is to lock Bill and Keith in a room and make them write the song. (Wait a minute...)

Check Bill's website and facebook page, Keith's website and facebook page, and your email in box for updates.


Thanks to everyone who sent in a song title or two. Now Bill and Keith have to read them all and pick 5 they think they can take and turn into an incredible song. And if you think their job is going to be easy you are WRONG! (Wait a minute...we did not completely think this through)

The five finalists will be announced on Friday January 27, 2012. Once they are announced, visit the to vote for the one you think will make the best song!



Bill and Keith have run out of ideas for new songs and they need yours!

You supply the title; they do the rest (read: the easy part)

  How it works:  


Step 1:

Email us your best idea for a song title along with your name and email address. We need to receive this by Monday 1/23/12 by 5pm EST (Because it will take us a long time. We’re slow readers.) Submit as many titles as you like. (Go ahead. Have a party. Really. We don’t care.)

Email with "Song Title Contest" in the subject line.

Step 2:

Bill and Keith will pick 5 finalists, based on titles that they think will make the best (read: dumbest) song. (There is no accounting for taste.) The finalists will be announced on Friday 1/27/12.

Step 3:

Vote for the title you think will make the best song. All votes must be cast by Saturday 2/4/12 12pm EST. (Bill and Keith will not pick the winner, so it will be all your fault.)

Go to to pick the song title.


The winning song title will be announced on Monday 2/6/12! 

(Apologies will go out to the winner the next day.)


Grand "Prize":  The “satisfaction” of naming a Bill Harley/Keith Munslow song. Oh, boy! 

(Really? Yes. That’s it. No cash value. Seriously. None).


Other stuff:

Bill and Keith are teaming up for a recording, so if you want to team up to come up with a song title, feel free. Get together with your family, your friends, your class, your scout troop, your chorus, your dog walking group, etc. We want to hear from you all and we know you'll have fun coming up with song titles.

Please note that if you are a person under 18, get permission from a person over 18 to email us (read: the person who pays for stuff and drives you around).

And if you think your title is just too out there, visit Bill's website ( and Keith's website ( Take a look at some of their song titles and you'll soon see that there is no such thing as "too out there." ("Don't Go to the Bog, Bob"? "Dad Threw the TV Out the Window"? "Code Id By Noze"? "Bella Bella Tula Monga"? Some of them don't even sound like real words!)

Special thanks to Absolutely Mindy from Kids Place Live on Sirius/XM. She encouraged Bill and Keith to do this (read: double dog dared them), so really she should take a share of the blame.
  The fine print:  
  Round River Productions: Bill & Keith's Excellent Song Title Contest
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. This Contest is sponsored by Round River Productions, with an address of 301 Jacob Street, Seekonk, MA 02771, USA (“Sponsor,” “we” or “us”). When you enter this Contest, you agree to these “Rules”, unless any part is prohibited by law. This Contest is just for fun; there will be no prize given. This Contest is open to everyone, except Sponsor’s owners, employees, and agents, and their immediate family members (collectively, the “Released Parties”). The Contest begins Friday January 13, 2012, and all song title submissions must be received by Monday January 23, 2012 by 5pm EST. The voting process will begin Friday January 27, 2012 and end Friday February 3, 2012 5pm EST.

How to enter: 1. Email your song title idea along with your name and email address to between Friday January 13, 2012 and Monday January 23, 2012 5pm EST. 2. Vote for one of the 5 finalist titles between Friday January 27, 2012 and Saturday 2/4, 2012 12pm EST. 3. Winning song title will be announced Monday February 6, 2012. Song will be written, recorded and released by Bill Harley and Keith Munslow.

Questions about the contest can be emailed to or you can phone us at 508-336-9703.

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