I love it when teachers use my songs and stories. While much of my work is not "educational" in terms of teaching any one particular skill, I hope that faculty can use them as a catalyst for other learning activities. In order to help teachers use my material, I've developed some lesson ideas. Please try them out and see if they make sense. And let me know if I'm off base, or if you have developed your own lesson plans based on one of my songs or stories. 

If we post your lesson plan on our website, we'll send you a free recording! Wow, what a deal! Click here to send us a lesson plan you've developed.  

To aid in your work, I've broken the songs and stories down into age categories, but don't pay too much attention to them - I'm constantly amazed at how stories and songs are used with different age groups. (A high school teacher in talking about mythology uses one of my simplest stories). We'll post new lesson plans as we receive them, so please keep checking back.

We also have a variety of resources on our Books pages. Don't forget to look at them as well!