"OMGoodness! BILL HARLEY, Y'all! Performing live!" - Publisher Spotlight

Bill Harley performing
by Elaine Sandy

Hey – I know you’re at home. So am I. And maybe you’re bored. Or your mom or dad or brother or sister (or child) is driving you crazy. If you’re looking for something to do, you can come spend some time with me! Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm EST/EDT, I’ll be doing a short concert in my office, and you’re invited. 

You can watch and rewatch them anytime after their original air date on Facebook or YouTube!

All of these concerts are free of charge but any financial contribution you are able to make will be gratefully received.  

Facebook Live Miniconcerts


Please note: if you contribute you will receive an email receipt from no-reply@editmysite.com

Tuesday June 30: Watch it here

Tuesday June 16: Watch Now

Tuesday May 26: Click here to watch

Tuesday May 19: Click here to watch

Tuesday May 12: Watch Here

Tuesday May 5: Watch Now!

Tuesday April 28: Watch it now!

Tuesday April 14: The Sibling Show – Watch with all of yours

Tuesday April 7: Watch Here

Thursday July 2:

Bill will be performing “The Field Trip” – a story about a school field trip to the Indianapolis State House, friendship and goats.

Thursday June 25: Click here to watch

Thursday June 18: Watch it here


Thursday May 28: Watch it here and now

Thursday May 21: Watch it now

Thursday April 30: Watch Now

Thursday April 16: Watch Now!!!

The Reviews are in

"These twice-weekly concerts make Bill’s FB page the happiest place on the internet - an intimate concert with one of America’s most beloved storytellers."
”My kids LOVED it! It was the perfect escape from our home quarantine. Thank you!!!!!”
"If you and your family need a chance to sing & laugh together — to warm your hearts and lift your spirits then listen to Bill's songs & stories."
”I have been listening to you since I was in preschool myself, and listening to this with my own 2 small children is just what I needed today.”
"Beloved storyteller Bill Harley rises up! Reaching out to families and fans around the world…Thanks, Bill. You’re an inspiration."
"If you need a bright spot and some reassurance that everything is going to be OK, look no farther than Bill Harley. He's been a family favorite on car trips for years, and now he's hosting online concerts. The girls and I watched him today and it made us all feel better. Thanks Bill, for all the great times you have given our family and for giving us the hope we all need right now."
”ABIYOYO!!! I’ve listened to your stories since I was a child. I am 23 now and your story telling is still such gold!”
”You are saving us all…especially my grandchildren and their overwhelmed parents. Today’s concert was perfect in every single way. You filled up our homes with sweetness and smiles.”
When all this is over - remember it was the creatives who made it better! Bill Harley is an absolute fave!
Thanks for giving comfort and song and beauty to so many in this wild moment of collective transformation and transition.
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