Between Home and School: Letters, Notes and Emails

Through a series of notes, letters and emails, award-winning author and recording artist Bill Harley traces a student’s path through his school years from kindergarten to high school graduation. A window into the successes and failures, joys and sorrows of a boy, his mother, and the teachers they encounter, Harley gives us an idea of what is possible when parents and teachers are willing to communicate.

Publisher: Round River Productions, 2010  |  ISBN-13: 978-1-87812-656-6  |  Paperback: 60 pages


“I love this lovely little book. I laughed and cried along with Tyler’s mother and teachers as they worked together to mentor this young person.”

Amy Dickinson, Bestselling Author;
Syndicated Advice Columnist “Ask Amy”, NPR commentator

“…Harley’s keen understanding of the promise and possibility of clear and careful communication should be a lesson to us all. I laughed out loud and rubbed the goose bumps off my arms…”

Claire Green, President, Parents' Choice Foundation

“If more of us from all sides of the home and school divide would approach things with Bill’s perspective, our kids would be the big winners. Between Home and School provides a simple and beautiful example of a Mom and her son’s teachers collaborating for long-term school success.”

Tim Sullivan, Founder, School Family Media and PTO Today

“Bill Harley’s been in the school trenches for years, and it shows. He knows the secret to student success – the one that few people ever admit: it’s as much about parent teacher communication as it is about genes or hard work.”

“A lyrical evocation of the parent-teacher dialogue that intimately describes how we can nurture our children during the tender years of their growing up. Absolutely touching and true.”

Renee Rose Shield, PhD,parent of four, teacher of many;
Clinical Associate Professor of Community Health, Brown University

“Bill Harley’s insights into human nature ring true. His dialogue draws readers into a story that prompts thoughtful reflection about the value and potential of the teacher-student-parent relationship in shaping a child’s life.”

Barbara Smith Decker, National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) Manager

“Readers will appreciate something we all need to be reminded of: home affects school affects home...There is a person and a life behind the roles of parent, student and teacher. Harley's observations are 'spot on'.”

Greg Weiss, Drama & Speech Teacher, James Hart & Millennium Schools (Grades 5-8), Homewood, IL; Storyteller; Author
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