In the Hospital (Paperback and CD)



“This CD and book are for kids who are in the hospital, and for kids who have never been in a hospital and never plan on being in a hospital!

It’s for grownups who were in hospitals when they were kids, and for grownups who have kids in hospitals, or who have kids who aren’t in hospitals!

It’s for people who work in hospitals with other people who are in the hospitals, no matter how old or young those people might be.

It’s for everyone, because its stories and songs are about living and feeling and loving and caring about each other.”



Parents’ Choice Gold Award

Reviews & Quotes

“Based on the fact that my family loves your tapes, I ordered the hospital tape not really knowing what to expect and proceeded to listen to it with the toughest critic on this subject, Michael. Michael has not stopped listening to it since. He listens to the tape, morning noon and night. It is the first material of this kind that honestly and with humor deals with the feelings that a child has being in a hospital.” Carol

“I love your hospital tape. I hardly have a favorite song because my favorite was all of them. Because if kids hear it and they have never been in a hospital before then they get to hear what it’s like in the hospital and also they will hear what they might think and feel while they are in the hospital.” Michael


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