Now You Say Yes



When her mother dies, 15 year old Mari & is desperate to avoid being caught up in the foster system. To complicate matters, she is now the only one who can take care of her super-smart & on-the-spectrum stepbrother 9 year old, Conor. With no one to help them, Mari and Conor set out to find their estranged grandmother, hoping to throw themselves at the mercy of the only person who might take them in.

Their journey takes them from LA to New England with a stop in Missouri to witness the solar eclipse, Conor’s obsession. Mari learns about the inner workings of her stepbrother’s mind, about her connections to him and to the world…and maybe even a little about her own place in it.

Reviews & Quotes

“This road-trip story is introspective and revealing, much like the desert highway in the middle of the night.” Kirkus

“…this poetically written and economically plotted hero’s journey by Harley makes a heartwarming, hopeful case for self-forgiveness and second chances.” Publishers Weekly


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