Town Around the Bend



Harley’s long established humor, meaning and music are toned down for these songs and stories for bedtime. Get ready for bed with tales of a wonderful, wacky place – “The Town Around the Bend”.

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Parents’ Choice 2004 Gold Award, NAPPA 2004 Gold Award, 2005 Storytelling World Award for “Bellybuttons”


Reviews & Quotes

“We were stuck in a two hour traffic jam driving home from Thanksgiving and were saved by Bill’s show on XM Kids. The stories from The Town Around the Bend mesmerized my children (and me)! We’re still talking about PigWhistle and the strawberries and peaches in the sky… It was like Prairie Home Companion for kids! Thanks for your wonderful material.”—From a mom in Decatur, GA

“An exceptional CD from an exceptional songsmith and storyteller!” Chicago Parent

“My son, Noah, fully endorses Bill Harley’s new CD, The Town Around the Bend. Noah says of the CD “I really like it. I want to drive through the night, today and tomorrow to get to the Town Around the Bend.” In fact, Noah wants to know if he can go to the Harley’s house. I think he wants to swap his storytelling dad for another.” Bil Lepp, storyteller

“Wise and witty Bill Harley is one of the most inventive storyteller-singers your children are likely to encounter. Here, Harley presents a collection of go-to-sleep fare that’s restful, but still brimming with his unconventional humor and uncommon empathy for kids. Check out his tour de force ‘Bucket of Beans, Clarisse, and the Bubble Machine,’ which manages to deal with disobedience and its aftermath in a manner both fantastical and down-to-earth.” Family Fun Magazine

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