A Cowboy’s Life

My son Dylan liked this song enough to learn it on guitar and sing it for his class. He also is a pretty good sport. Tying up your dad may not be the best idea. Make sure he’s in a good mood first.

Howdy there, buster, my name is Pete
I’m the toughest old cowpoke you’ll find on the street
I guess I been ropin’ since I was three
That makes two whole years, so don’t mess with me

I like to holler and I like to hoot
Track mud through the kitchen with my cowboy boots
And leave the ‘fridgerator door open wide
Til somebody tells me to go play outside

Whoopee-ti-yi-yay, whoopee ti-yi-yo
Whoopee-ti, won’t you buy me some cheerios?
Whoopee-ti-yi-ow! I got a scrape on my knee
It’s a cowboy’s life for me

I don’t have a horse and my mom took my gun
But I’ve got a hat and I still can have fun
I don’t have a doggie but my neighbor’s do
His name is Chester, he looks just like you

Sometimes I’m a good guy and I wear a white shirt
But it’s hard to stay good when you play in the dirt
So then I’m an outlaw and I have to be bad
So I go get some clothesline and tie up my dad


My daddy tells me the cowboys are gone
Then he gets on his mower and rides round the lawn
But I think there’s still a home on the range
Where if you take a bath, they look at you strange

My best friend David, he lives down the street
He’s not a cowboy, he’s a spaceman
That’s almost as neat
He’s gonna take me on a ride throught the stars
And I’ll be the first cowboy on mars.


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.

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