A Little Boat

Beat up a little at the edges, but still sailing.

Oh lord look at me
Two good eyes that could not see
The way that things were bound to be
I was such a fool

Oh lord what can you do
When all your best laid plans fall through
And failure’s lookin’ back at you
In everything you see

All I want is a little boat
Something that sails
Something that floats
Something to take me out on the tide
Something that I can ride
Give me something that I can ride

Remember that walk
Down by the shore
The seabirds wheeled and the ocean roared
I’d never felt that way before
There was nothing I could say

And after you said goodbye to me
I stood in water to my knees
Watched the ships sail out to sea
I offered up this prayer


Oh, some people seem to have no fears
Oh, I think it’s done with smoke and mirrors

I used to dream of silver ships
That sailed upon the rolling deep
To distant lands of spice and gold
There was nothing too much for me

It’s a little more honest now
A little more real
I’m a little less sure of how I feel
I try to stay on an even keel
Closer to the shore

Chorus, 2 times

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.

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