Barbie’s Head is Missing

I had a contest via my web page, asking people to send in titles of tons. I got a lot of good titles, but this one, from the Price family in New Jersey, was my immediate favorite. How could I fail with a title like that?

You keep a look out the window
Tell me when you see their car
They only had a couple of errands
They couldn’t have gone too far
I don’t know what I was thinking
I should have left those things alone
But I’m in trouble and how
If I don’t find it right now
Before my sister and my parents get home

Barbie’s head is missing
I don’t know what I’m going to do
I got to find it before they get back
Or my head’ll be missing too

My sister’s got a dozen Barbies
Why is just a mystery
They got skinny little arms
They got skinny little legs
You know they all look the same to me
I took them all apart this morning
Never had so much fun
But when I got the arms and legs back on
You know one of their heads was gone

Barbie’s head is missing
This is an emergency
I got to find it before they get back
Or the same thing’s going to happen to me

It shouldn’t be such a crisis
If you ask me she acts just the same
As far as I can tell
She’s doing quite well
It’s not like she ever had a brain
I’ve turned this whole house upside down
I’ve got a sinking feeling in my chest
Cause my little puppy just threw up
From eating something that he couldn’t digest

Barbie’s head is missing
Somebody dial 911
I got to find it before they get back
Or my days on earth are done
My days on earth are done, done, done
Done, done, da, done

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.

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