Big Table

Written for the annual benefit I do for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Open up the front door wide
And let everybody in
Wait ‘til everyone’s inside
Before you let the meal begin
No need to worry
Everybody gets the call
No need to hurry
There’s enough room for all

I want a big table (I want a big table)
Where everyone fits (Where everyone fits)
I want a big table (I want a big table)
Where everybody can sit (Where everybody can sit)
I’ve got a big dream (I’ve got a big dream)
Up in my head (Up in my head)
About a big table (About a big table)
Where everybody gets fed (Where everybody gets fed)

Take a look around us
And tell me what you see
For all the wealth surrounding us
There’s still people hungry
Isn’t it a strange thing
There’s still so many mouths to feed
Couldn’t we rearrange things
So everyone had what they need


When you look at all that we’ve been given
Can’t we make a world we all can live in?

It’s a nice dream but I know
There’s more to do
Cause wishing doesn’t make it so
Work makes dreams come true
We could join hands
And walk towards what could be
Do what we can
So no one goes hungry
So no one goes hungry


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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