A song about living in Massachusetts – for my friends Shirley Wright and Robin Rose.

I see ‘em every day taking in their mail
They live just down the street
I shout out hi and I wave my hand
And they wave back at me
And they wave back at me
One of ‘em works in a shelter
Helping people in need
One of them works as a teacher
Helping kids learn to read

Oh yeah but they’re dangerous
It’s hard to tell
Oh yeah they’re dangerous
They’re going to hell

They’ve got a riding lawnmower
They use every Saturday
They’ve got a big leaf blower
They blow all their leaves away
They blow their leaves away
One time last year my kid got sick
I called them on the phone
Them came over and stayed with him
‘Til me and my wife got home

Sometimes in the afternoon
I walk my dog on their land
Sometimes I see ‘em out in the field
Walking hand in hand
They walk hand in hand
When they finally tied the knot
I was sitting in the very first pew
Listened to them say things right out loud
That I already knew

I don’t believe in a hell below
I’m not counting on a heaven above
The only thing I’m quite sure of
Is this moment I’ve been given to love

Maybe that’s dangerous
But what the hell
If we’re gonna be dangerous
Let’s do it well
Oh let’s be dangerous
It’s just as well

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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