Dead Cat Blues

Based on a real incident. My dog did talk to me once.

I was feeling low down, like nobody cared at all
Nobody give me the time of day, nobody returned my calls
There’s no point in going on, this living ain’t no use
I am just a white boy, but I can sing the blues
So I took my dog outside for a walk around the block
I did not know when I turned the corner, I’d be in for such a shock
A cat lying there in the middle of the road
His eyes bulging out his head
My dog looked at him, and then he looked at me
He said, “That cat is dead.

It could be worse. You could be that cat
You think he had an easy life
Someone kept him sleek and fat
Now he’s lying there in the middle of the road
Sprawled out on his back
You say ‘Nine lives’, I say ‘Huh’
That cat’s not comin’ back.”

Broken hearted, shattered dreams, fractured ego too
My best friend called me on the telephone,
Said, “What am I to do?
My darlin’ baby left me on the morning train
I can’t go on livin’, my hears’ so filled with pain.”
I said, “I have just the thing to help you lose your blues
When you get off the telephone, put on your jogging shoes.
Trot right over to my house, give that door a knock
I got something to show you in a walk around the block.”

Everybody’s got their troubles, everybody’s got the blues
Everybody’s got a monkey on their back
They just can’t seem to lose
I do not deal in morbidity, you know it’s no my style
But I get the blues, I think of that cat
And it makes me want to smile…

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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