Do It Together

I wrote this after Cathy and Marcy paid a visit. When I grow up I’m going to play banjo just like Cathy.

Dylan was the first one up
his family was asleep
He said Mom get me breakfast,
but he didn’t hear a peep
He woke his brother Noah,
they stood at her feet and head
They pulled and tugged and yelled a lot
till mom got out of bed

Do it together and you’ll get it done
Ask a friend to lend a hand
It’s lots more fun
when there’s more than one
Do it together when you can

Jenny had a good idea
what to be for Halloween
A twelve foot long iguana
she’d paint a lizard green
She couldn’t do it by herself,
her plan was bound to fail
Until her best friend Becca said,
“Hey let me be the tail”


Now Tyrone said to Tommy
let’s use two heads not one
And so they worked together,
studying amphibians
Ms. Martinez told them both
their project was the best
At least until she found a
salamander in her desk


Now when I’ve got a song to sing
I like to sing out loud
But it always sounds much better
if I sing it with a crowd
So I go and find some friends
to sing along with me
Everybody finds a part
and sings in harmony


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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