Down in the Backpack

(with apologies to the Drifters and “Under the Boardwalk”)

When the teacher calls and says “Did you get my note?”
And she says she didn’t get the one you wrote,
Look in the backpack, just look and see,
Cause when something’s lost that’s where its bound to be

When your kid says that she can’t go on the trip,
Unless you send in that permission slip,
Look in the backpack, look if you dare,
Down at the bottom, you’re sure to find it there.

Down in the backpack – Do you wonder what lies?
Down in the backpack – There’s a big surprise.
Down in the backpack – something starting to grow,
Down in the backpack – maybe you’d better not go,
Down in the backpack.

There’s the yogurt they left there yesterday,
And last week’s tuna fish they meant to throw away.
Down in the backpack – it’s there they’ll stay,
Never again to see the light of day.

Down in the backpack – treasures to be found,
Down in the backpack – something crawling around,
Down in the backpack – missing library books,
Down in the backpack – Maybe you’d better not look.
Down in the backpack – backpack.

So when things get lost, and you don’t know where they go,
And you ask your kid and he just says “I don’t know.”,
Look in the backpack, it’s not to late.
Archaeologists moving in soon to excavate.

Down in the back pack – something smelly and old.
Down in the backpack – something covered in mold.
Down in the backpack – So many things there reside.
Down in the backpack – I think there’s something that died.

Sung to the tune of: “Under the Boardwalk” (Resnick/Young) ©Alley Music Corp/Trio Music Co New Lyrics by Bill Harley


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