Everyone’s a Little Bit Different

Sitting on a bench in the park
Watching all the people till it gets dark
Smiling at them as they pass by
Some look away, some say hi
Some are big, some are small
Some are short, some are tall
Some got hair down to their knees
Some got hair just like me

Everyone’s a little bit different
Everybody that I see
Everyone’s a little bit different
That’s okay with me
Everyone’s a little bit different
Black, white, red, yellow, brown
Everyone’s a little bit different
It makes the world go round

Some like earrings on their nose
Some paint the nails upon their toes
Some get off on purple hair
Some like bright red underwear
Some like ketchup on their eggs
Some like hair upon their legs
Some like sandals, some like boots
One man’s poison is another man’s fruit


It’s a miracle to me
We’re different
It is just a mystery
We’re different
Six billion people breathing air
We’re different
No two the same anywhere
We’re different

story – monologue


You can’t make me just like you
I can’t make you just like me
I think the best that we can do
Is just to let each other be


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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