With Kevin’s wonderful fiddle and mandolin, and the kids echoing the chorus, this became the favorite over the summer as we made the recording. I’d come home from the studio with the song on the car stereo and see the fireflies in my backyard, blinking on and off in time to the music. Pretty magical.

When summer comes singing its song
The weather is hot, the days are long
The bees are busy buzzing, browsing in the clover
Everything’s moving just a little bit slower
Meet me in the evening when the whippoorwill calls
When the sky grows dark, when nighttime falls
I’ll take you to the meadow where the tall grass grows
Sit you down there and we can watch a show

Then there’s Fireflies (fireflies)
Dancing in the dark, shining‘ in the night
Fireflies (fireflies)
Itty bitty sparks of golden light
Fireflies (fireflies)
You and me can watch them blinking off and on
Dancing summer’s song

There’s a quarter moon up, there’s a whisper of breeze
A hoot owl calling up in the trees
Milky way overhead is a beautiful sight
But right down here, there’s a thousand little lights
Stand real still, they’ll come so near
Every time they blink, they’re saying, “I’m here”
If you’re careful you can catch them
Hold ‘em while they glow
Open up your hand and then you let them go


Sometime next winter when the cold winds blow
When the skies are gray, fields are covered with snow
Or maybe when you’re troubled and you’re feeling blue
Thinking that nothing’s going right for you
Remember this night, and the star-filled skies
Remember the dance of the fireflies
A twinkle of light
A blink, a nod
Shining like a thousand little
Eyes of God


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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