For the Earth

This one’s for the earth
And this one’s for the big blue ball
Spinning round in space
Mother to us all 

This one’s from a child of hers
Who isn’t all that strong
Though he sometimes hears the music
Sometimes sings along

Lying on the sands
He hears the oceans roar
He counts the stars above him
His spirit starts to soar

He swears he feels the earth move
Spinning round the sun
For a moment he thinks he knows her
For a moment they are one


And way up in the kingdom
Her pageant is begun
And in time to her rhythms
The circle dance is done

The hills turn into gold
As the sun sets in the west
As the darkness gathers round them
Her children call out, “Yes”


One earth, one life
One people, one chance
To learn the steps
To do the dance

Voices raised in anger
Voices raised in song
They join there in the streets
Until they count a million strong

It’s a rainbow of colors
It’s a rainbow of lives
As the wind blows o’er their number
And whispers out, “Survive”

Chorus (2 times)

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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