Forty Years From Now

One of the hardest things in the world, keeping it togegther.

In the evening after supper, you can find them there
Sitting on the porch swing, taking in the evening air
And the swing rocks back and fro, in a rhythm soft and slow
Like a dance they both learned forty years ago

See them rockin’ easy, just as easy as can be
Side by side together, such a simple mystery
Do you think that if we asked them, they could tell us how
So we could rock together forty years from now

How do you think they met? Where did they go?
When did they first kiss? Was the romance fast or slow?
And where do you think they were when they first made love?
And how can they sit together, fitting like a hand in glove?

I bet there’s times they argued, times they disagreed
Times that each has turned away from what the other needs
And though they’re sittin’ there like troubles just a million miles away
I bet that they have been through what we’re going through today

Now I know I have hurt you, ‘cause something’s hurt in me
And to get through what we’re into seems like too much misery
And I guess I’m just romantic, but I’ve got to find out how
That we can rock together, forty years from now

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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