Freddy the Fly Eating Frog

The dangers of a strange diet. I encourage you to make frog noises during the chorus. Thanks to Steve Snyder for bringing this song to life.

I had a friend whose skin was green
He had the biggest old mouth
you ever have seen
Long, long legs and bulging eyes
His name was Freddy the frog
and he liked to eat flies

He ate them in the morning
he ate them late at night
When he climbed under the covers
and turned off the light
Lying on his back or sitting on a log
His name was Freddy the fly eating frog

Freddy the fly eating frog
Freddy the fly eating frog
He ate so many flies
that some folks thought he was a hog
But he was Freddy the fly eating frog

It started one day when he was just a kid
His momma was gone
and all the cookies were hid
I’m so hungry he screamed and sung
When a fly going by got caught on his tongue
He pulled in his tongue in a great big yawn
When he let it out again
you know that fly was gone
“Pretty good” he said with a smack
“For a frog that’s a mighty nice snack”


Flies were the only thing that he would eat
He hated vegetables
he never touched meat
Bring him some ice cream
he ‘d scream and cry
“Take that stuff away from me
please bring me some flies”
“Freddy,” I said
“It’s a mighty strange thing
That flies are the only thing
that make you sing
You’d better be careful what happens to you
Or your fly-eating days will be through”


Freddy got a job working at a restaurant
The man said “Freddy,
eat all the flies that you want”
Freddy was happy,
thought his job was great
Til he wound up by mistake
on a customer’s plate
The man picked him up
and swallowed him down and said
“These are the best frog legs
I’ve had in this town”
Freddy the Fly Eating Frog met his end
At the hands of Frank,
the Frog Eating Man


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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