Get Me Out of Here

Christmas Eve, it was long ago
My family had gone to bed for the night
And it had really started to snow
I had visions of sugarplums
I was dreaming about lots of toys
Suddenly something woke me up
I thought I heard a noise
As I tiptoed down the stair case
I thought I heard sleigh bells
Something moved in the fireplace
And I heard somebody yell,
“Get me out of here!”

Get me out of here
Somebody listen to me
This is an emergency
Dancer and Prancer are waiting
I got a long way to go
I’m already an hour behind
On account of the ice and snow
Get me out of here

Well those legs hanging down in the chimney
They looked an awful lot like St. Nick’s
He was halfway up, he was halfway down
And I wondered how he got in that fix
Maybe it was the cookies
’cause there was nothing left on the plate
I looked up the chimney
I saw he was a little bit overweight
He said, “Son, stop fooling around
Or I’ll take those toys right back
But if you give me a little help
I’ll let you have another look in my sack
Just get me out of here”


Maybe he was a burglar
I mean, how was I to know?
But I knew he was the real thing
When I heard him say “Ho, ho, ho!
Get me out of here”

So I pulled down on his big black boots
And some elves jumped on his head
He came down the chimney in a cloud of soot
You know his face and his suit were red
He opened up that sack of toys
And he let me have a couple more
He made a face at the fireplace
He said, “Son, please show me the door”
I heard him climb up on the rooftop
So I figured he was okay
I saw the reindeer and sleigh take off
And I thought I heard him say,
“Get me out of here”


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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