Handful of Flowers

Sometimes it works. Written at Sundance—for David Kranes.

I’ve got some money in my pocket
Here’s what I’m gonna do
I’m gonna buy me a handful of flowers
And I’m gonna give ‘em to you
I have no illusions, I know your heart is sore
But I’m just lookin’ for a little help
To get my foot inside your door

I think a handful of flowers might do
To get me next to you
I think a handful flowers might show us
Which way we should go
I think handful of flowers’ the key
To get you to open up your heart to me
There ain’t no tellin’ what a handful of flowers might do

I know a guy who sells them from the back of a pickup truck
He might have just what I need if I have any luck
I won’t let him sell me roses
They don’t mean what I want to say
It’s just a handful of daisies that’ll tell you
I love you every day.

They can’t say I’m sorry
They can’t make amends
But they might stop your heart for a minute
So we can start again…

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.

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