Havin’ a Party

They were havin’ a party
Havin’ a dance
Havin’ a social affair
Her mom and her dad said
They’d have a good time
But they didn’t want any kids there
We really do love you,
It’s not that we don’t,
It’s just you’re a little too young
So you go upstairs now
And you go to sleep
When you get older you can come

She said, “They’re havin’ a party in my own house
And they’re tellin’ me that I can’t come
I think I’m gonna invite my self
Even though I’m a little too young.”

When no one was looking
She snuck down the stairs
Into the dining room
She hid under the table
She got there not a moment too soon
Cause her mom and dad loaded that table with food
‘til she heard it creak and groan
They left the room
They left her with the food
And she was all alone
They had little cheese balls
Crackers and dip
Carrots and celery
They had these mushrooms Stuffed with ooky brown junk
More food than she ever had seen
She took a handful
She took two
She ate, she ate and she ate
Then her mom walked back in the dining room
She said “That’s funny, we’re missing a plate!”


She could tell when the guests came in
She really had a pretty good view
She couldn’t see their faces
But she knew them by their legs and their shoes
They danced like a bunch of elephants
When the music started to play
She wondered why grownups talked so loud
When whey really had nothing to say.
But then her baby brother
Comes running down the stairs
He said, “My sister’s gone.
I can’t find her anywhere.”
She said “Uh ohh.”
Somebody screamed,
Her father fainted
She saw him hit the floor
Somebody said “Maybe she’s outside!?”
Ten of ‘em ran for the door
Somebody said, “I will call the police!”
Her mother said, “My baby’s gone!!”
Somebody lifted up the tablecloth
She looked up and said “HI MOM!”

“Young lady, you come out of there right this instant!
When your father comes…
When your father comes to,
He’s going to have a word with you!!”
“But Mom!”
“Don’t you ‘but Mom’ me!”

She’s havin’ a party
She’s havin’ a dance,
She’s havin’ a social affair
She’s spending the next two weeks in her room
Alone with her teddy bear
Because they were havin’ a party in her own house
And they told her she couldn’t come
She said, “I’m going to invite myself,
Even though I’m a little too young
So what if I’m a little too young?
Well, maybe I’m a little too young”

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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