I Am the Batman

When the golden sun has set in the west
And the stars are thrown across the sky
When the night is deep and the whole world sleeps
That‘s when the little bats fly
When the little bats fly

As you lie down to take your rest
They circle ‘round your head
There’ the flutter of wings as they squeak and sing
And fill your heart with dread
They fill your heart with dread

But I am the batman
I guard you while you sleep
While the bats fly round with their squeaking sound
I will earn my keep
I will earn my keep

The batman lives by a different code
That few would dare to claim
Standing proud and tall, he stoops and crawls
And so he earns his name…

He opens windows, and opens doors
He roams from room to room
Some might quake
At the risk he takes
With only a racket and broom
Only a racket and broom

I am the batman


When the bats have left your home
When his work is done
There’s nary a kiss
For the sleep he’s missed
He’s gone with the morning sun
Gone with the morning sun

Stir ‘em up, back ‘em down
Pick ‘em up, throw ‘em out
Do it now, right now, Batman
Chase ‘em here, chase ‘em there
Little batties everywhere
Do it now, get them out,

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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