I Don’t Believe It

She looked all over, she could not find them
Her prize collection of monster cards
Down in the basement and in her closet
She even looked out in her back yard
She asked her mother, “Mom have you seen them
The monster cards I worked hard to save?”
Her mom said, “Honey, those things were so old
So yesterday I threw them away”

I don’t believe it,
how could you do that
You should have asked me,
you should have known
Oh it’s too late now,
my life is ruined
I don’t’ believe it,
you should have known

She told her friend, he said “I know
The same thing happens at my house too
The other day I had worked so hard to
Turn my back porch into a zoo
I got some worms, I got some bugs and some spiders
I put them in jars, I left them there
But when I came back, my dad had removed them
I looked but I could not find them anywhere”


What if some day when our parents went out
We sold their cars, then what would they do
Or what if we put their records, took ’em outside
and we put ’em in the garbage
And we told them, “Oh don’t worry
You can just buy something new”
You know what would happen?
I bet they’d boil, I bet they’d steam
I bet they’d stew and they would yell all day
I bet they’d whine and moan just like we do
I bet that this is what they’d say


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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