I Like to Sing

Singing is part of being alive. Open your mouth

From early in the morning to when the stars all shine
I have got a song in this head of mine
Sometimes I sing it softly, sometimes right out loud
Sometimes when I’m all alone, sometimes in a crowd

I like to sing (la la la la)
Open up my mouth a song comes out
I raise my voice (la la la la)
Make a joyful noise and sing

When I was a baby on my mama’s knee
Everybody worried, what was wrong with me?
‘Cause I would scream my head off, I’d do it all day long
But I was only practicing my little baby song


I got some vocal chords
I got a pair of lungs
I got a great big mouth
That’s where I keep my tongue
Well, they all work together
When I tell them to
‘Cause there’s nothing I like better
Than to sing a song for you


Every creature’s got a song, listen you will hear
Whales out in the ocean, mosquitoes in your ear
Wolves out in the wilderness, dolphins in the sea
Hooting, howling buzzing, growling
One big symphony

They like to sing (la la la la)
Open up their mouths a song comes out
They raise their voices (la la la la)
Make some joyful noises and sing

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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