I Wanna Play

That’s what I think!

Only twenty minutes for recess time
You run to playground, you stand in line
Always the same kids choose the teams
It’s always ends the same it seems
They choose their buddies
They choose their friends
‘Til they get down to the very end
Always someone gets left out
I’ve had enough, I’m gonna shout

I wanna play I wanna play
Don’t say no, ‘cause I won’t go away
I won’t stop til you hear what I say
You gotta let me in ‘cause I wanna play

Just ‘cause you’re bigger and stronger than me
Doesn’t mean you get to say how things’ll be
Just ‘cause I’m not as good as you
Doesn’t mean you get to tell me what to do
You oughta stand here in my shoes
And see how it feels when it happens to you
It could happen to you, you never can tell
I’ve had enough and I’m gonna yell!


My daddy says life just not fair
You’re bound to meet people that just don’t share
When you meet someone who tries to push you around
When you know what’s right, stand your ground
We’re only talking ‘bout playing a game
Leaving someone out is just a dirty shame
We’re only talking ‘bout having fun
There oughta be room for everyone!


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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