If You’re Gonna be a Grub

Sally’s favorite thing to do
is mixing up a good mud stew
She gets some dirt,
some water and sticks
Throws ‘em all together
and begins to mix
She gets mud in her hair,
all over her clothes
Inside her shoes, up her nose
She’s not happy, she won’t stop
Till she’s covered in dirt
from bottom to top
But when she goes inside
her mom’s mouth opens wide
She gives Sally a stare,
she says “You get upstairs”

If you’re gonna be a grub,
then you’ve got to learn to scrub
Wash your neck, wash your face,
better rub that soap all over the place
Your hair needs combin’,
your nails need cuttin’
Better rinse out that belly button
If you’re gonna be a grub,
then you gotta learn to scrub

Sally puts the water in the tub
She gets in and it’s rub-a-dub-dub
She washes her neck
where the dirt gets stuck
She even gives a bath to her rubber duck
She dries herself off, combs her hair
Puts on some brand new underwear
She gets the tube from off the shelf
And brushes her teeth all by herself
She looks in the mirror,
she grins from ear to ear
Her mom says “Aren’t you done?”
She says “I’m having fun!!!!”


Maybe Sally’s just like you
cause getting’ dirty that’s what kids do
Kids and dirt just go together
like shoes and socks
bird and feathers
Then nothing’s harm in playin’ hard
On the playground or in your yard
That’s all right, you can’t get hurt
if you find yourself all covered in dirt
But when you’ve had your fun
when you’re playin’s done
When you’re finally through,
there’s still one thing to do


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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