In His Eyes

Sometimes I say I love you, sometimes I say I care
Sometimes I say nothing, and you wonder if I’m there
But the river still is running and the well has not gone dry
If you look you can see it in his eyes

In his eyes, the love that’s grown between us come alive
Like a bird that takes to wing we watch it rise
After all these years together it comes as no surprise
When I look I can see you in his eyes

Well, I know when you’re angry, and I know when you’re sad
And I know in a moment what kind of day you had
Here I’ll take him now, you’ve held him all day long
He’s almost gone, you can see it in his eyes

In his eyes, I watch the moon as she walks across the sky
As daylight slowly fades and finally dies
And the glimmer of the starlight like diamonds in the sky
If you look you can see it in his eyes

If I am really you and you are really me
Somehow, somewhere our souls touched to set this spirit free
And he is just a flame that burns the candle of our lives
If you look you see it flicker in his eyes

And in his eyes, there’s the steady glow of fire in his eyes
Brighter with each day that passes by
It’s the growing of the spirit that will not be denied
If you look you can see it in his eyes

So one and one make two til together they make one
They help him learn to stand and find his own place in his sun
Every new one born is a world that’s just begun 
And in their eyes a reason to go on

And in their eyes a reason to keep mine own both open wide
To get up in the morning for one more try
To hope that we have just begun that this world won’t soon die
If you look you can see it in their eyes

And when I look I see it in his eyes

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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