Listen to Me

How does violence start, and where does it end?

One day Jamie found a whole bunch of ants
In the front yard under his tree
He got a bucket of water
and he brought it over
And he got down on his knees
He held the bucket of water over the anthill
And said, “Listen all of you ants!
If you don’t want to drown
Get yourselves out of town
I’m giving you one last chance,”
Jamie said:

Listen to me, you’d better do what I say
If you know what is good for you
If you don’t, if you won’t
Why, there’s no telling what I might do

The door opened up
Jamie’s dad came out and said
“What are you doing out here?
Get yourself back inside
Before I tan your hide
Do I make myself perfectly clear?”
Jamie said “Dad…”
His dad said “Enough!
Don’t talk back to me,
Don’t be rude
I’ve got a lot on my mind,
And I don’t have the time
And besides that I’m in a bad mood”
His dad said:


Then a car pulled up and a man got out
With a frown from ear to ear
Jamie’s dad said “Gee. Hi Boss,
what a surprise
Tell me what are you doing here?”
His boss said, “Let’s go.
I need you at work right now,
You can get in the car.”
Jamie’s dad said, “But Boss,
this is my day off.”
His boss said, “Don’t push me too far!”
His boss said:


Then all of a sudden
there was a roar from above
That took all of them by surprise
When they looked up to see
they could not believe
A spaceship hovering up in the sky
A voice called out, “All of you earthlings,
All of you sniveling ants
Get yourselves out of town,
Cause we’re coming down
We’re giving you one last chance”


Jamie looked at his dad
and at his dad’s boos,
Nobody knew what to do
He looked at the spaceship
hovering above
And the ants down below by his shoes
He got down on his knees
and he said to the ants,
“I can see that you don’t want to drown
I don’t know about the rest of these guys
But I’m putting my bucket down”

Jamie said, “Listen to me,
you can do what you want
“Cause I think I finally see
Just ‘cause I’m bigger,
it doesn’t figure
That you have to listen to me”

Jamie said, “Listen to me,
you can do what you want
“Cause I think I finally found
That just ‘cause I’m bigger,
it doesn’t figure
That I can push you around”


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