Little Things

Most of my work involves children, and the adult world tends to patronize young people and those who work with them. Here’s a little hymn I wrote for those who work in the trenches with young people. To get the mbira (thumb piano) effect, I string a piece of paper (a folded dollar bill works great!) between the strings of the guitar at the saddle.

Little things make big things
Big things make a difference
So I know that little things do, too
I take care of little things
Because they make a difference
I just do what I can do

Here’s a drop of rain
Falling to the ground
Drops turn to a trickle
Then a stream
Stream turns to a river
Flows into an ocean
You never know
What just might be


Na na nanana na…

Far off in the sky
A star is being born
A flower opens
Right beside your door
Nothing comes from nothing
Everything starts somewhere
No one knows for sure just what’s in store

One thing that I want you to know
I will stand beside you while you grow
While you grow

Na na nanana na…

One voice is one voice
One more than no voice
One voice more than no voice at all
One voice and one voice
Is one more than one voice
Every big thing out there started small


Na na nanana na…

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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