Mom and the Radio

Does this ever happen in your car?

Every time we’ve got someplace to go
My mom and I fight about the radio
She wants her station, I want mine
She says it’s her car, tough luck, don’t whine

The DJ says these songs are solid gold
But everyone they play’s about a million years old
One after another on and on
What makes it worse is my mom sings a long
She sings along and she sings

Doo waa diddy baby
My mom’s music drives me crazy
Doo waa diddy baby
And she don’t care

I got her to listen to my favorite band
She said “That’s just a bunch of noise that I can’t stand”
She turns the radio back to where she wants it to be
And starts to sing again, way off key
My mom sings off key
“Mom please stop it. Please,” I cry
Cause everybody’s looking at us as we drive by
She rolls the window down, she doesn’t care
I sink down in my seat like I’m not there
I wish I wasn’t there, when she sings…


I promise when I get older
I will not be so weird
I promise if I have kids
I won’t make them want to disappear

The worst finally happened I’m telling you all
I was in school last week, walking down the hall
I was with my best friend, and I started humming some tune
When he looked at me like I came from the moon
I asked him what’s the matter, he said,
“What do you mean? What’s the matter with you?”
Suddenly I realized I was doing it too
“Oh no. Please help me. Someone,” I said
My mom’s dumb songs are stuck in my head
They’re in my head, and I’m singing…

CHORUS (2 times)

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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